One Day School: Education outside the classroom 

Spring & Summer Season

Come with your Little Explorer to experience a wander and a play.  We let our children explore and discover different elements of the environment through a guided learning activity and free play. Through this, they find out who they are, what they are good at, and what they love doing. It also shows them how to relate and interact with each other.  We may do nature art, craft, creating huts, following/creating paths, climbing, jumping, crawling, hiding, investigating, singing, making music, anything is possible! We are here to support your child's holistic development, wherever they want to take their learning. 

Age: 2.5 -5-year-olds (with parents) 

Dates: Tuesdays (October - April)

Fees: $180 per term.

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Ngā kai hōpara


Every Season

Little Guardians

Ngā Kaitiaki ririki

In these shorter sessions, we spend time in the bush or on the farm, down by the water and by the fire.  There is a mixture of free play, exploration and small group activities. Children have the opportunity to nurture their connection to the land, learn real-life skills and in time, allow them to feel at home in the natural world


Age: 4.5-7-year-olds

Dates: Wednesdays  

Time: 10 - 2pm

Fees:  $625 per term   (Earlybird Prices available)

Location: Laura's Dairy @ Orton Bradley Park


4th August - 22nd Sept; 20th Oct - 24th Nov


16th Feb - 6th April; 11th May - 29th June;

3 August- 21st Sept; 20th Oct -1st Dec 


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Orton Bradley Park ask that your family buys a Park subscription for the year.  Bush Farm will check this on the first day of the Programme. 


Every Season


Ahi kā 

In this programme, children build on their experience at Little Guardians to find the fire that keeps them ignited 'Ahi Kā'. They use their senses to explore their world through the seasons and the elements while developing knowledge about their local environment (farm, sea and bush).


We learn about these cycles through close awareness and observation to see how we are part of an interconnected web - everything relates to everything else. We ask the how, and the why, and seek to understand the unique ecology through both te āo Māori and te āo Pakeha (worldviews). 

This year-long programme also spends time on a working farm, where we explore the origins and cycles of food, fibre and agri-tech solutions, through forming deeper relationships with the animals and land.  We aim to ignite their passions, awe and wonder for their place in the natural world. 

We use our localised Bush Farm curriculum that includes a guided learning cycle, free-play, eco-literacy games and sensory activities. 

Age: 7-13 years old (younger siblings welcomed)
Dates: Thursday Sessions

Fees: $828 per term (Earlybird prices available) 

Time: 9 - 3pm 


21st Oct - 25th Nov


17th Feb - 7th April; 12th May - 30th June; 4 August- 22nd Sept; 20th Oct -1st Dec

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Orton Bradley Park asks that your family buys a Park subscription for the year.  Bush Farm will check this on the first day of the Programme.


Sign up for a minimum of two terms 

We strongly believe that enrolling your child in Bush Farm for six months as a bare minimum. Ideally, we prefer ākonga to enrol for a few years.  Ākonga take time to adjust to any new environment, as well as our mentoring and guiding strategies.  It is only over time, as we develop relationship and connection,  that we begin to see real changes.  Each year, our programme themes will remain the same, however, we will develop deeper levels of knowledge and understanding about this tūrangaewaewae, the place where we stand. 


Information if your child attends school

We recommend first that you let your school know that you are thinking about sending your child to our One Day programme. Parents tend to have a kōrero with their principal to discuss why this programme would be beneficial for their child. It may be about Hauora/ health and wellbeing, movement,  creativity, nature connection, or something else.   If you need more evidence-based research and resources, Bush Farm can help. 

Bush Farm has been in contact with the Christchurch Ministry of Education, who have stipulated that we can have tamariki released from school (based on section 25B and 71). 25B stipulates that the principal of a State school may if satisfied that a student will receive outside the school tuition acceptable to the Principal, release the student from attendance at the school, for a period or periods agreed with a parent of that student, to receive the tuition. Section 71 stipulates that you can have courses, work experience and visits outside of the school premises. 

It is up to schools to know how to proceed for absentees. Each school is different. You will need to have a kōrero with the Principal about this. We, Bush Farm cannot do this for you. This has to be an agreement between the school and yourself. We wish for the school to be on board so that it can become a true partnership with the aim that this becomes a complimentary programme that benefits your child. 

We do have a letter that you can give to your Principal about our programme, as well as the Achievement Objectives we intend to meet. There is a possibility that Principals may want to take this further to the Board of Trustees. We are happy to support you in whatever way we can, as well as offer you any of our policies that can help with the application. 

These One Day Schools are popping up now, all over the country. Hopefully, with the current overhaul of schooling in Aotearoa New Zealand, these One Day Schools can challenge the status quo to how schools currently operate.