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A city location

A city location


Lots of families would love to come to our programme but find the location at Orton Bradley prohibative in terms of time.  We are on the hunt for a city location that has bush, animals, or a creek/ river/ sea... or all three!  Our policy is 'leave no trace' and we are strong advocates of the environment.  If you can help us out, please get in touch. 


(Price not fixed)

  • Wish List Items

    Our " Items on our Wishlist" is created based on what is needed for us to run our programmes seasonally on the farm, in the bush or by the sea.  Each of these items on our wish list is based on a skill to learn. Spring is very different from Autumn, as is Winter to Summer.  Anything is possible!   By buying one of these wish list items, you are giving the wider Bush Farm community, opportunities that they might not otherwise have. 

  • Cancellations & Changes

    Once your order is submitted and paid for, your order CAN NOT be cancelled or refunded. If you require changes to a purchase, please contact us at If you wish to add additional products after placing an order, you will be required to place an additional order, for the NEW ADDITION only.  Bush Farm reserves the right to update its policies, and terms and conditions at any time.

  • Pay it Forward

    These offerings help to support the Bush Farm Community. By purchasing a "Pay it forward" you are effectively donating a Bush Farm item to all our learners in our community. Please note that you WILL NOT receive any goods when only purchasing a “Pay it Forward” this is a donation to the Bush Farm Educational Trust. 

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