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We are looking for a new site

The Venue

- Access to a working farm. We can pay a venue fee.

- We would prefer an organic farm, but will consider any farm (especially if landowners can see value in what we do, ie/ our strategic plan)

- Ideally, it would be great if one season (ie/ a term), we could have access to the farmer, twice a week, for 60- 90mins. This would be paid, and sharing with the youth about farming (anything farming related: vegetables, crops, sheep, cattle, fencing, tractors, fibre)

~ However, if we could not get a working farm, we would also look at big lifestyle block (with a range of animals - chickens, pigs, pet sheep, pet cows etc) or also a venue with just bush/ river, or bush only, or bush/ sea.

- Needs to be within a 35min drive of the Port Hills. Our learners mostly come between Diamond Harbour and Sumner, Halswell to the City.

What it needs to have

- Drop offs/ pickup are within a 10min walk (especially for our younger learners)

- A sheltered area where we can have our morning/ afternoon circles (Photo below)

- Have access to a permanent three -walled shelter should the weather be really bad (ie/ 5c, sleeting/ raining/ stormy)

- We can have a fire (winter only - when temperatures are under 10c)

- Has flat land for storage (can we put a lockup container with all our resources close to the site?)

Ideally, we also need a place with:

- Access to electricity intermittently (so can use a hot glue gun etc for crafting, especially for the younger learners)

- Quiet (other than the sounds of the flora and fauna!)

- A range of diverse ecosystems (bush/ wetland/ river/ sea/ mudflats) that we could walk/ roam too.

Any links, or ideas would be wonderful.

Thank you,


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