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Sanding our diamonds: why I love my mentoring role.

I remember one Wednesday evening, scrolling through the latest uploaded photos on Facebook about our farm programme that day. When I came across this photo of me with the children I paused. This overwhelming fusion of pride, happiness and gratitude stretched through my mind and heart.

Three seasons later our roles are evolving and I joined the Bush school programme. Thanks to Katie’s ability to trust, I’ve been given this opportunity to co-teach, first on the farm and now in wild nature. Through this, I now can understand the meaning that everyone has their own personal strengths. Katie's ability to put reflection into writing stands strong alongside my hands-on curiosity.

Bush Farm School not only grows the participating children but also us, as teachers. Bush Farm School nurtures a belonging environment to overcome fear and invite challenges.

A snapshot of my growth during Bush Farm School. When the programme is run seasonally, it allows me to brave a new commitment; one that is above full-time farming. After each session is run, I love how we come together as a team to discuss each child's strengths. This makes this work even more meaningful. How we grow the children and each other as mentors. Through the support of my colleagues, I've embraced my edge and can now sing in our opening and closing circles. Something initially, I could not do.

Let us shape our Diamond and help others feel and see their Diamond too.

Stella Bauer, 2nd April 2020


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