Bush Farm's journey: how did it all begin?

Updated: Jun 5

Bush Farm's Ah-ha moment began when, in 2009, Katie had a breakthrough moment while sitting quietly amongst a field of wildflowers. She had just been reading about Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) for her MSc and needed to just step outside and be still. Within minutes, unconsciously she became enamoured with nature's abundance and the connectivity of life. There was so much going on! She imagined if we could get our tamariki, learning from nature, rather than within the four walls, what that could look like? Would they see themselves as part of nature? Be buzzing out with the joy and interconnectedness of life? Would they begin to observe the patterns around them? See real-life problems? Look to nature for solutions? The possibilities were endless.

Her Ah-ha moment became her research thesis, which in turn became her sole purpose and drive. Through various paid positions, the ideas kept formulating and digesting as the concept began to take hold. Any doubt was erased when she had her first foray into consulting and successfully designed and implemented an educational curriculum package. So when the opportunity to spend time in Forest and Farms Schools in the USA, to see their One-Day Schools in action, Bush Farm began. Fast forward, 18 months, and we completed a successful first-year pilot programme in 2017.

Then in January 2021, Katie realised that she wanted to reach more families from different socio-economic backgrounds, so Bush Farm became a social enterprise.


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