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Board member role

Are you ready for your next challenge in an environment where you want to question education norms?

Bush Farm Education is an exciting startup that does just this. We take children out of the classroom during school hours and hit the curriculum outside. We give our children real-world learning experiences that complement four days in the classroom. We could be monitoring the rivers ’ health through invertebrate studies; taking soil samples in various parts of the organic farm; seed-saving for next years crops; or using handtools to fix a plumbing issue. Every day is a new day. We want our children to learn from nature, in nature, every season of the year.

Our Board

Currently, we have four trustees on our Board with experience in accounting, education, sustainability and the environment. We are seeking two additional members who are Ōtautahi Christchurch based and have prior governance experience. You may be mid-career or retired.

We are seeking someone to add value to the Board in one of these key areas:

  • Experience in leading a ‘service’ business, from Startup to growth

  • Legal compliance (Health and Safety, Farming, Outdoor Education)

  • Adventure therapy/ Eco-therapy/ Eco-psychology/ Youth work

  • Fundraising, Marketing, Communication or Public Relations

Together, with the four other trustees, your role will be to:

  • Maintain our vision, mission and values, and develop our strategic goals

  • Establish and evaluate relevant policies and procedures

  • Ensure moral and legal compliance

  • Maintain proper fiscal oversight

  • Maintain effective Board performance through member conduct

Time commitment

Board roles are voluntary. Meetings are once a month (for up to two hours). There is additional paperwork, between 3 – 8 hours per month. This may be to attend a specific meeting (i.e. SWOT analysis), meet with other Boardmembers/ Director, read and respond to Board meeting notes.

How to Apply

Interested? Then please send us your CV and cover letter to and let us know why you are keen to be involved and what you would bring to the board.


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