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We can create a real-world experiential localised curriculum for tamariki (3- 12 years).


We have written Education For Sustainability (EFS) programmes for Government, Higher Education and Private Sectors on a multitude of different themes. We can incorporate both Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) and western perspectives. 

We can also provide training and facilitation in Deep Nature Connection and Mentoring.  


"I highly recommend Katie Earle. She came to Georgeson Botanical Gardens to develop an educational, site-specific educational curriculum for Fairbanks, Alaska.  Katie is a professional that brought many years of experience to the table. She excelled at working independently with little guidance and maintained a strong and directed focus and motivation throughout her 4month contract with us.   She was sensitive to the needs and wants of our organisation while also offering her ideas and opinions to guide the development of the educational programme. She was willing to change direction, fine-tune and adapt to the needs of the project.  Katie has more than exceeded my expectations, in setting us up with a thriving education programme, and a community of supporters and partners."


Katherine DiCristina, Managing Director,  University of Fairbanks, Georgeson Botanical Gardens,  August 2019

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