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Adults benefit from time in nature too!


Adult programs provide adults with opportunities to learn, connect, and recharge in the outdoors.


We offer activities to slow down and connect with nature, before an opportunity to learn a new skill, before time for kaitaikitanga. 


" Learning how to dry, preserve, and use herbs was an experience that I won’t soon forget. The day was full of learning and play where exploration of nature was encouraged. Getting to relax and play is something most adults don’t do as regularly as we should. Herbal medicine programme encouraged us to have fun, whether it was through games or walking through the bush. Katie is the most gifted and dedicated instructor I have ever met. One of the lines of a song we sung, included the words Plant Magic. It truly was a gift to be able to experience plant magic through Katie’s tutelage. I would go back in a heartbeat! I cannot recommend it enough!" 


John, Jan 2020

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