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Do you want your child and whānau to find joy in nature? Ignite their spark for learning? Connect? 

At Bush Farm, we create real-world, deep nature connection opportunities that do just that.

In the bush. By the sea. On the farm.

Our approach is different. We are holistic, tactile and sensory.  Our Kaiako do not teach but instead walk beside each learner. 


Our Mission

To provide meaningful and authentic real-world experiences that create new learning pathways and worldviews for a sustainable future.


"We have chosen the Little Guardians programme for our son as a way to break up his school week in a positive and purposeful way and in many ways, it recharges him for the rest of the week. We are very impressed with the programme and are keen for him to continue attending throughout his primary school years.


Katie and Laura run a very high quality and well thought out programme. We really appreciate their attention to detail in terms of curriculum, environmental and holistic ethos, child safety, child development, and the way they get to know each child on the programme and strive to nurture their individual learning needs. Katie and Laura both have a strong connection to the land, and to nature in general, and this shines through in how they run Bush Farm."


Lucy, Parent of 6-year-old, 2020

Our Values


Holistic:  mental, spiritual, physical, family.


is a powerful tool in discovery, learning and experimenting.


 We foster and nurture meaningful relationships with others. 


gives us permission to do something solely out of love and wonder for the natural world.


is the ability to withstand hardship with grace. 

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